Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Syracuse Seeds of Peace Participate in Playwright Workshop

Syracuse, NY: On Sunday, April 6, six Syracuse Seeds participated in a playwright workshop led by Gloria Heffernan, Director of Service Learning at LeMoyne College. The workshop introduced the Seeds to the idea of using playwright as a tool for advancing the mission of Seeds of Peace and challenged Seeds to think of their stories as subjects of playwright.

The Seeds were very engaged, thoughtful, and had a lot of fun writing and acting out small improvised scenes. Gloria Heffernan engaged the Seeds by starting from their knowledge of dialogue toward reflecting on questions that would aid them in the script writing. Amidst the often tragedy-centered playwright, the emphasis on ‘playwright centered in conflict’ and on ‘conflict not ending in violence’ provided the Seeds with refreshing outlook to playwright.

From Left to Right: Anna, Michael, Cimone, Ranya, Raiss, Gloria (workshop leader), and Abdinoor.

From Left to Right: Abdinoor, Anna, Cimone, Raiss, Ranya, and Michael.